Dr. Woodruff offers new, advanced spine procedure


At Black Hills Orthopedic & Spine Center, our doctors make it a priority to stay ahead of the curve by actively pursuing and learning the most advanced procedures and techniques.

We are proud to announce that Dr. Robert Woodruff, fellowship-trained back, neck, and spine surgeon at Black Hills Orthopedic & Spine Center, recently became the first doctor in the region trained to perform cervical disc replacement, an advanced, safe, and effective alternative to spinal fusion surgery.

Cervical disc replacement surgery is focused on motion preservation for spine patients. Its advantages over a traditional spinal fusion procedure include quicker recoveries and better mobility postsurgery.

 “We’re starting to see that this may lead to better long-term outcomes than traditional procedures,” says Dr. Woodruff. “Additionally, it protects the disc spaces from early degeneration.”

As with all of our doctors, we are grateful for all of the hard work Dr. Woodruff does in pursuit of orthopedic excellence. We are very proud of your unrelenting commitment to exceptional patient care.