In this section, you can read stories from patients we’ve treated about their experiences and recoveries under our care.

You can also read what our patients are saying about Black Hills Orthopedic & Spine Center by visiting our doctor profiles.

Read what our patients are saying about Black Hills Orthopedic & Spine Center.


Average Rating: 5
“Dr. MacLachlan is thorough, and answers questions, and gives his truthful opinion. I feel like he is genuinely interested in my well-being.”
– Robert H.
Treated by: Robert MacLachlan, MD
“Excellent, Dr. Woodruff is professional and friendly.”
– Misty H.
Treated by: Robert Woodruff, MD
“Satisfied with the treatment from Dr. Woodruff.”
– Tom W.
Treated by: Robert Woodruff, MD
“Everything went great. Dr. Chilvers and the staff are nice to us old people. Great job.”
– Dale H.
Treated by: Peg Chilvers, MD
“I thought Dr. MacLachlan was very caring and took very good care of me. Wonderful bedside manner. He made me feel like my needs are very important and also the pain in my shin. Thank you, Dr. MacLachlan, for such a great experience.”
– Jolene B.
Treated by: Robert MacLachlan, MD
“I was very satisfied and appreciated Dr. MacLachlan's caution in waiting to prescribe more pills. He didn’t seem rushed and seemed genuinely concerned about my particular situation.”
– Jean H.
Treated by: Robert MacLachlan, MD
“Dr. Renaud is extremely patient and thorough, taking the time to listen and explain my options. He is open to working with another specialist I am seeing and made my foot feel more comfortable in the first visit. He is an excellent doctor.”
– Charlene P.
Treated by: Kent Renaud, DPM
“Dr. Papendick always answered all my questions and was always cheerful.”
– Mikel B.
Treated by: Lew Papendick, MD
“We have been seeing Dr. Marrs and Keith for a long time, and they have been excellent in their service and care!”
– Galen S.
Treated by: Jeff Marrs, MD
“I appreciate that Dr. Grunfeld takes the time to explain procedures to his patients. My 81-year-old mother is the one he was seeing. He was kind to her and took the time to make sure we both understood the procedure and process. So far, we only saw him for the initial visit. Her procedure is next week. I am glad she was referred to him.”
– Kathleen S.
Treated by: Robert Grunfeld, MD


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