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Read what our patients are saying about Black Hills Orthopedic & Spine Center.


Average Rating: 5
“I am a 67 year old Viet Nam Vet that has slowly lost mobility in my hips due to arthritis.  My primary care is with the VA in Hot Springs and they sent me to Dr. Mortimer for a hip replacement of my right hip in June of 2014.  I'm happy to let you know I walk the dog daily now and can golf again.  I have the same handicap so will have to talk to Luke about how I can improve that when I need the left hip replaced.  Keep up the good work!”
– Tom C.
Treated by: Luke Mortimer, MD
“Dr. Lang is a very competent Doctor.  I have had excellent treatment from him.  I would strongly recommend him for your care.”
– Robert H.
Treated by: David Lang, MD
“I had suffered with knee pain for many many years. When shots quit working, I discussed total knee replacement with Dr. Marrs.  In 2011 I had the surgery with excellent results and would do it again in a minute. In fact, I talked to a gal a couple weeks ago who went to see Dr. Marrs because of what I had shared with her: how happy I was that I did it, that you have to take P.T. seriously for the best results. She also really liked her results of knee replacement.   Dr. Marrs  also has done tendon release and carpal tunnel surgery on me, with great success. He's an awesome doctor!”
– Bonnie C.
Treated by: Jeff Marrs, MD
“Several years ago I was referred to Dr. Renaud by the Emergency center of the hospital because I had an infected foot. Dr. Renaud immediately recognized it as a nerve disorder and referred me to the doctor who could help me. I was feeling better within days. Dr. Renaud also fit me for orthopedic inserts because my heels were hurting. I have had those orthotics for about 7 years and my heel pain went away. Just recently I started having knee pain, so he refit me for another pair of orthotics and I am waiting for those to come in. I am hoping that the new orthotics being more cushy because they are new, will help my knee pain to decrease. I am indebted to Dr. Renaud and his staff for helping me heal. Very thorough treatment. i recommend him to everyone I know.”
– Laurie J.
Treated by: Kent Renaud, DPM
“I injured my knee when I was younger when I was playing basketball and Dr. Fromm did the knee surgery (scope) and it went perfectly. I ran 2 half marathons after college. I then injured my other knee and Dr. Fromm, although he has more grey hair now, took care of it as well! I now have no issues. He did a great job!”
– Erin T.
Treated by: Stuart Fromm, MD
“I have been having problems with both hands due to carpal tunnel syndrome.  First time I had an appointment with Dr. Dykstra wasn't sure what to expect but he's a man of action, and he explained to me options for how to treat it and went ahead with a cortisone shot and in less than 30 minutes I was out of the office and a few days later felt so much better and my hands are getting better.  Dr Dykstra really cares and addressed the problem right away.  All I can say is a big THANK YOU DOC and Staff.”
– Myra F.
Treated by: Aaron Dykstra, MD
“I was in pain from my elbow to my shoulder. It was found out that I had a tear in one of my ligaments. Dr. Kadrmas thoroughly examined my shoulder and explained the problem. He went over all of the options and made a recommendation for me to have two cortisone shots and it hasn't given me any trouble since. Thanks so much!!!”
– Carol L.
Treated by: Michael Kadrmas, MD
“I usually see physician assistants at Black Hills Orthopoedic to receive injections, and have had good experiences with them.  What sets Black Hills Orthopoedic apart from many medical offices is the staff.  From the person who arranges my appointment to the business office, I've experienced only superior service.  They always have my records quickly so we can review what will be my co-pay, the last time I visited and what procedure(s) were done.  The organization and helpfulness and cheerfulness of the staff gives me confidence in my overall medical experienced.   I cannot judge the efficacy of medical treatments and recommendations but I can tell if I am respected as a patient.”
– Josephine W.


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