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Read what our patients are saying about Black Hills Orthopedic & Spine Center.


Average Rating: 4.95
“"We were referred to Dr. Eckrich from our local clinic, when my toddler daughter fractured her leg. He was great to work with and answered all my questions, even if they seemed silly. We only saw him twice, but he was very patient with my daughter and took his time with us during our appointments, making sure that all of our questions were answered and any concerns were taken care of. I would definitely recommend him to anyone." – Mollie A.”
– Mollie
Treated by: Stephen Eckrich, MD
“"Although Dr. Den Hartog is no longer with Black Hills Orthopedic and Spine Center, I want to relay my experience to all patients of the Center. Early in the summer of 2015, I learned that Dr. Den Hartog was going to move to Iowa after many years in practice at BHOSC. On a couple of occasions, we had discussed the fusion or replacement of my right ankle. Numerous ankle sprains during many years of high school, college, and independent league basketball left some pretty severe cartilage damage and bone spurs. Walking was painful and the ankle was continuously swollen. I consulted with another ankle specialist in Colorado and he confirmed the prognosis and said that he could do the surgery but assured me that I was in good hands at BHOSC.  I elected the replacement surgery to be done in Rapid City. On August 7, 2015, Dr. Den Hartog replaced the ankle during a surgery that only took 1 1/2 hours. He told me that full recovery could take from six months to one year. During the first 2 weeks I was on crutches and for 2 or 3 weeks after that I was in a walking cast. Following the surgery, I took pain medication only once. Considering all that my leg had gone through, there was very little pain—ever. I found that rehab was helpful in regaining range of motion and flexibility. I would recommend it. Strength returns very slowly and even after one year I still don't have a lot of strength in the ankle. I will say, however, that the pain of everyday activity is almost totally gone. That was the main objective when we started this process. Dr. Den Hartog said it was a realistic goal. I can walk for miles if I need to. I'm certain I will be able to ski "pain-free" this winter. I still notice slight improvement each week even though it has been one year since the surgery. There is some minor stiffness when I resume activity after a good hard workout of walking or hiking but I'm pretty sure that has just as much to do with the other bones and joints of my body, which are 61 years young, and not just my ankle. I wanted to send Dr. Den Hartog a picture of myself on top of Harney Peak on the one year anniversary of my surgery but I just haven't taken the hike yet. It may be some time in the next few weeks. BHOSC has a great reputation and I hope everyone can have as good an experience as I had." – Ken W.”
– Ken
“"I'm impressed with Black Hills Spine. I like the way they treat their patients and I had a good experience with a not too easy surgery.  The first thing Dr. Woodruff did on my first visit was pull up his chair right next to me and we reviewed my MRI together. He explained the MRI so I could understand exactly what was going on in my neck.  Unfortunately  I had to have surgery as I had what is called Spinal Stenosis pretty bad.  Now let me tell you two other doctors talked to me about my neck but never explained what was really going on, I probably had about 5 or 6 visits to other doctors. So the money & time I spent was of no help to me at all. Surgery was done at Black Hills Surgical Spine Center and I have to tell you I had a  previous experience at another hospital that left me very afraid (let's just say I'm lucky to still be here after that experience). I had talked to Dr. Woodruff about my fears and he assured me he would take good care of me and I believed him. I could not have asked for better care at the Black HIlls Surgical Center, they took good care of me and the food was really good, imagine that—good hospital food!! Recovery was difficult and Dr. Woodruff was very strict about what I could do and could not do. When I saw the CD of the repairs Dr Woodruff did on my neck I was in awe, he did a amazing job on my neck, he had to rebuild the bones in neck and I do have screws, but this was just amazing what he actually had to do to repair the damage I had. It took 4 months recovery under strict guidelines from my doctor, but I did not want to take any chances of  things not healing right after all the work he did.   I also saw Dr. Fromm for my shoulder and he was the first doctor I saw at Black Hills Spine, he also encouraged me to get my neck taken care of and ordered the MRI for my neck. So my overall experience is these doctors have not lost sight of why they decided to become doctors—to help people!!!  I believe some of our bigger medical facilities have gotten so big that the patient is not their first concern. I trust these doctors with my life because I have found them to be very honest and caring. I encourage anyone needing medical help or surgery to give Black Hills Spine a try I think they will find a better experience than most!" – Nancy M.”
– Nancy
Treated by: Robert Woodruff, MD
“"Do not recall who I saw that refered me to physical therapy with Mr. Miller. I tore my tendon and Mr Miller worked with me getting back mobile so I could return to work at the Rapid City Fire Department. Mr. Miller was very helpful and gave me exercises that I still do which helps keep my ankle from swelling thus allowing me to be mobile to keep up with my kids." - Damon H.”
– Damon
“"When I turned 70, I noticed a pain in my hip which quickly escalated to where I could not climb chairs and began using a cane. I was referred to the Black Hills Orthopedic and spine clinic and Dr. Duchene. He carefully examined me and explained my treatment options very clearly. I decided on a hip replacement in spite of numerous horror stories I heard from others who had gone through the procedure at other places. After the procedure was done, I experienced the pain one necessarily undergoes in a surgical procedure, but it was far less than I expected. I was referred then to a very competent therapist in Spearfish, but I was walking without a cane after about two days and rode my bike the ten blocks to my therapy sessions. Because my memory is poor, I have to examine my scar in order to tell people which hip was replaced. The procedure was literally that successful. Comparing my recovery to that of friends who have been treated by others, I am convinced that there is no better surgeon for hip replacement than Dr. Duchene, though there are many with names less difficult to spell and pronounce." -Charles F.”
– Charles
Treated by: Clark Duchene, MD
“"I had rotator cuff repair last year in October. I had heard all the horror stories about the pain involved, but was unable to do the one thing in my life I am most passionate about:  gardening.  Dr Giuseffi was my surgeon, and the procedure, while not painless, it was with minimal pain.  It did take about 5 months for strength to return to the shoulder but I was able to sleep every night after surgery where before that I woke up repeatedly from pain nightly.  This year I am back to unloading pick-up loads of compost and shredded bark, hoeing, raking,  digging and of course harvesting the flowers and vegetables I have grown.  Last spring I built 3 new raised beds, hammering away.  Dr. Giuseffi did a fantastic job, has a wonderful bedside manner and is a genuinely nice guy.  My experience at Black Hills Orthopedics was wonderful, from the first minute at the reception desk to the nurses, surgery planners and billing.  BH Ortho sets the bar high in providing patient care and is an example of excellence.  I appreciate your help getting me back to my passion." -Theresa N.”
– Theresa
Treated by: Steven Giuseffi, MD
“"I usually see physician assistants at Black Hills Orthopoedic to receive injections, and have had good experiences with them.  What sets Black Hills Orthopoedic apart from many medical offices is the staff.  From the person who arranges my appointment to the business office, I've experienced only superior service.  They always have my records quickly so we can review what will be my co-pay, the last time I visited and what procedure(s) were done.  The organization and helpfulness and cheerfulness of the staff gives me confidence in my overall medical experienced.   I cannot judge the efficacy of medical treatments and recommendations but I can tell if I am respected as a patient." -Josephine W.”
– Josephine
“"Have had a knee replaced, shots in my other knee, and shoulder work done and have had good results with all.  I am pleased with the service I have received, the check in staff, nursing staff, and rehab." -Ed R.”
– Ed
Treated by: Stephen Eckrich, MD
“"My son Uriah was showing club feet in his ultrasounds. We were appointed to Dr. Eckrich and sat down right away. I was a first-time mom at 19 and had no clue what was going to happen, Dr. Eckrich sat down and explained everything to us. My son not only had club feet, but come to find out after he was born, he had arthogryposis—his hips are out of socket, he had a stiff arm along with the club feet his legs are curled and stiff as well... That scared me ten times more... So far we did serial casting and the ponseti method for my son... His disorder is very hard to keep correction so things have been rough but very impressive and still improving. We got sent to Shriners hospital for further Improvement for my son and have had two surgeries and another one coming up. We are unsure of my son walking still but he has adapted to almost everything, totally found his own way of doing things on his own including using a wheelchair at 14 months.. I don't know what I would do if I hadn't gotten sent to sit down with a doctor like Dr. Eckrich and his nurse staff. They are amazing and couldn't have prepared me and made me feel more comfortable than ever. I feel I owe this staff a great deal and appreciate them more than ever. Thank you for taking care of my son and doing all you can do to make sure he got the care he needed and welcoming us into your office!" -Sierra V.”
– Uriah
Treated by: Stephen Eckrich, MD
“"I am pleased with the entire process of Black Hills Ortho.  I enjoyed all presurgery information, care, instructions and information.  The after-care was great! I was put in a room with an after surgery snack! My husband was allowed to eat as well.  I couldn't get over how nice the staff was." -Liz B.”
– Liz
Treated by: Luke Mortimer, MD


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