In this section, you can read stories from patients we’ve treated about their experiences and recoveries under our care.

You can also read what our patients are saying about Black Hills Orthopedic & Spine Center by visiting our doctor profiles.

Read what our patients are saying about Black Hills Orthopedic & Spine Center.


Average Rating: 5
“Dr. Chilvers provided the best care after I had ruptured my Achilles nearly a year ago. She provided all the detailed information and options prior to surgery and provided caring and knowledgeable support after surgery and throughout my recovery period. Although I do not wish injuries on anyone, if you have any foot or ankle problems that require a visit to an Orthopedic provider, I highly recommend Dr. Chilvers!”
– Ramzi S.
Treated by: Peg Chilvers, MD
“Always a pleasure to work with Dr. Dykstra! He is on time but spends all the time necessary during your visit to answer any and all questions you may have about your care.”
– Peggy P.
Treated by: Aaron Dykstra, MD
“I was pleased with the short wait time before and after the x-ray. Dr. Dykstra was very helpful and informative.”
– Rhonda W.
Treated by: Aaron Dykstra, MD
“Dr. Dykstra made me feel like my injury mattered even though it was only a broken thumb. I had confidence that he could repair it and make it functional again.”
– Kristi N.
Treated by: Aaron Dykstra, MD
“Dr. Morman was friendly and engaging, and provided all the information about my condition, my surgery, and the recovery that I needed and answered all my questions. I am recovering per schedule, so I am confident that she performed the surgery with excellence.”
– Ernest R.
Treated by: Monica Morman, MD
“Great people to work with, very caring and professional.”
– Ray M.
Treated by: Peg Chilvers, MD
“Dr. Morman is wonderful my 16yr old son tore his UCL ligament during wrestling and had to have(tommy Johns) surgery! I was concerned because that is not a conventional surgery in Gillette. I even researched many other places that do this surgery routinely. I was ready to take him wherever I needed to! After talking to Dr. Morman, she assured me she could do the surgery. I have to say he is seven months post-op and doing very well! I am glad we have such well trained Orthopedic doctors in Gillette and would recommend her any day! Thanks.”
– Jeric I.
Treated by: Monica Morman, MD
“Very pleasant and knowledgeable.”
– Duane J.
Treated by: Peg Chilvers, MD
“She's the best. Introduced herself, explained, and showed me my MRI of my shoulder and other pictures of the shoulder and the options of what we could do to fix the problem. Now that's a concerned and caring Doctor in my opinion. She will be doing my surgery soon.”
– Patti S.
Treated by: Monica Morman, MD
“Very helpful.”
– Albert G.


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